Why Orthodontic Treatment?

“Smile is a tonic of radiating self-confidence”

Very often, orthodontic treatment is a life-transforming experience. Unlike that fancy car, it is an excellent long-term investment for yourself or your child. Countless studies show that improving a person’s smile will boost his or her self-confidence, career, and social status. A beautiful smile helps you put your best foot forward every day, from job interviews to blind dates, and the little differences can snowball to transforming your life altogether. This is specifically why I chose to specialize and become an orthodontist – to put a smile on people’s faces and positively impact their lives. As an orthodontist in Portland, my goal is to create a signature smile for you that will warm people’s hearts and open doors to new opportunities. And that smile will be yours to keep forever.

The goal of an orthodontic treatment goes far beyond the mere alignment of your teeth. When planning your customized treatment, we make sure that you will end up with a healthy bite. In addition to its esthetic appeal, your new smile will come with many functional benefits:

If you are already experiencing some dental issues due to malpositioned teeth or a poor bite, they will most likely get worse over time without proper orthodontic treatment. It is therefore recommended that you seek help from an orthodontist as well as your regular family dentist as soon as you notice these issues. Schedule your free consultation with Dr. Leemin today.

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