Troubleshooting Invisalign in Portland

Aligner is broken or lost

If your aligner is broken or lost, try the next set of aligners to see if they fit. For example, if you have broken or lost #13, try #14. Check that the aligner is seating completely everywhere, without sagging off the teeth or forming a gap between itself and the teeth. Use chewies to seat the aligners extra well, and make up the lost days in the previous aligner by wearing this new set longer. If the next aligner set does not fit well, go back to the aligner before – say #12 in the previous example – and contact our office to schedule an appointment. It is very important to confirm that the teeth are fitting well in each aligner before proceeding to the next set, so be patient and do not skip ahead with ill-fitting aligners!

Next aligner won’t fit – it rocks

First, use chewies to apply gentle but firm biting pressure all around to seat the aligners. If that does not do the trick, revert back to the previous set for a few more days before giving it another try. If you are still having difficulties, please contact our office.

How to keep aligners clean

Aligners must be brushed once a day with a toothbrush so that they do not build up bacteria or stains that can then transfer back to your teeth. You are welcome to use your toothpaste as long as it does not have bead-like particles that can scratch your aligners. If you use that type of toothpaste, keep a separate toothbrush and use dish soap to brush your aligners. Once every few days, soak your aligners in a cleaning crystal solution that comes with your welcome kit, retainer cleaning solution, or white vinegar solution (1:1 water and white vinegar) to keep your aligners extra clean and crystal clear. Please do not run them through the dishwasher or boil them, as the excessive heat will completely destroy them.

Attachment came off

Please call or text our office to let us know. Depending on the location or type of the attachment, you may need to come in soon to have the attachment replaced, or be told that it can be replaced at the next scheduled appointment.

Can I drink soda or coffee?

Patients are advised to only drink water with aligners in the mouth, because any other drinks such as coffee or tea will seep under the aligner and damage and/or stain the teeth. This is particularly true if the drink contains sugar, like soda or sweetened ice tea or coffee! Your teeth would stay coated in a sugar bath, resulting in a disastrous damage to the enamel. The best way to enjoy your beverage is to quickly pop out your aligners, indulge in your drink, swish your teeth thoroughly with water, and replace the aligners back in. Your pearly whites will thank you!

I can’t get the aligner out

Sometimes, the aligners are very snug and are difficult to remove. If, after trying for 3 minutes, you are still unable to remove the aligner, walk away and do something else for some time. When you come back to it, try to catch the aligner from the tongue side of your molars, and fight the temptation to start pulling them off from the front teeth. The aligner is made flexible enough to be removed, so don’t panic and ask for help if it is being extra stubborn!

What do I do with old aligners?

Patients are recommended to keep at least one or two recent sets of aligners in their respective bags after they have been cleaned, rinsed, and dried. This way, patients have backup sets to wear should the current set be broken or lost, until they can be seen at the office. As you progress through treatment, some of the earlier aligners can be disposed of. Unfortunately, as they are considered used personal medical devices, they can not be recycled.

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