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Overbite & Crowding

overbite and crowding

This patient came in with front teeth that were tucked and angled inwards, with a smile that highlighted her gums more than her teeth when she smiled. She also had a very deep bite, where the bottom front teeth were actually biting against the roof of her mouth, causing irritation on the palate. After correcting the angulation of the front teeth and using rubber bands to correct her bite, she had her small side incisors (second one from the middle) made larger to achieve a beautiful smile.



This teenager patient came in with severe crowding especially around the canines, which she called her “snaggle teeth.” She was treated with Invisalign, and with excellent cooperation, she was able to have beautifully aligned teeth with a harmonious smile.

Deep Bite & Crowding

deep bite

This teenager patient came in with a deep bite and severely crowded lower teeth. His lower front teeth were at risk of getting damaged from the way they were rubbing against his top teeth. He was treated with Invisalign, and his crowding and deep bite were totally resolved, all in less than one year!

Crowding & Narrow Jaw

narrow bite

This patient came to us with a narrow upper jaw, crowded upper teeth, and her canines that almost looked like vampire teeth. She was treated with braces, and she now has a beautiful smile to always beam about.



This patient came in with several areas of spacing between teeth, and his top and bottom midlines were far away from each other. He was treated with braces, and less than two years later, his gaps are closed and midlines aligned – and what a difference that makes when he smiles.

Underbite & Spacing

spacing and underbite

This patient had been to three other orthodontic consultations, where he had been told that jaw surgery would be his treatment option to correct his underbite. Even though surgery would have certainly been a great option, he wanted to avoid it. He was treated with premolar extractions and braces by Dr. Leemin, and in only 20 months, his underbite was corrected, all spaces were closed, and his smile was dramatically improved. He was thrilled to see such great improvements all without surgery!

Underbite & Impacted tooth


This young lady came in with a severe underbite, with her top teeth hiding behind her bottom teeth, and a shortened lower face height. She also had an impacted front middle tooth that was not coming in properly. She was treated with Phase I (child) orthodontics, with an expander, a headgear, and a few braces on the front teeth. Just a few months later, top teeth are now sitting in front of the bottom teeth, her middle right tooth has been brought in, and there has been an impressive improvement on her jaw relationship and profile. These are the types of cases that Dr. Leemin truly believes in doing Phase I treatment, because it can greatly change how the patient will continue to grow and possibly eliminate the need for a future jaw surgery.

Open bite & Crowding


This lovely patient came in with a significant open bite, where her front top and bottom teeth were very far from touching even when she bit all the way down with her back teeth. Every time she ate, the noodles, pizza slices and sandwich lettuce would all slip through the big gap! Her top and bottom midlines were also not lined up, and she felt that it was difficult to keep her lips closed when she was relaxed. With advanced techniques using temporary anchorage devices (TADs), the patient was able to obtain a phenomenal change in her smile, her bite, and her facial appearance, all without surgery. She was ecstatic and is looking forward to having Dr. Leemin work her magic on her daughter who also has an open bite.

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