New Retainers in Portland OR

Congratulations on finishing your orthodontic treatment and achieving your signature smile! Now, let’s make sure you’re able to maintain all of that hard work. Get ready to make retainers your next best fashion item, as they are your best insurance for preserving your beautiful forever smile!

Your retainers are a crucial part of your orthodontic treatment as it takes time for your teeth to adjust to their new locations – the ligaments and tissues of our mouths are elastic, and with nothing to hold them in place, they have a tendency to try to pull the teeth back to their previous locations. Until those elastic ligaments have completely remodeled and relaxed, your teeth can snap back quickly to their crooked positions. That’s why our orthodontists recommend full-time retainer wear for the first two months after you’re done wearing braces or aligners and then nightly after.

Orthodontists used to say that you can ditch your retainers after a certain amount of time, but we now know that, sadly, isn’t a good idea. Even though the teeth do become more stable with time, orthodontists now recommend that you keep your retainers for as long as you would like your teeth to stay straight. Teeth and their supporting ligaments “age” just as your skin does, and as just your face wrinkles (sadly!) over time, even people who naturally have straight teeth without ever needing braces will notice their teeth tend to crowd together as they get older. Retainers will act like “botox” to prevent wrinkles and prevent your teeth from drifting, and the best part is that they are very easy and comfortable to wear and can quickly become incorporated into your nightly routine.

Caring for your retainers

Retainers can last for years with proper care. It’s important always to be mindful of where you leave your retainers; they can be easy to misplace. Patients often take them off to eat and set them aside, which can lead to their retainers being crushed or tossed away. We always recommend that if they’re not in your face, they’re in your case!

It is also important that you properly clean your retainers regularly. If your retainers become dirty or have tartar buildup, it can increase your risk for dental decay and gum disease. Try soaking your retainers in a white vinegar bath (1:1 white vinegar to water) or a denture cleaning solution to remove this residue. If thorough cleaning doesn’t remove the white spots, call your orthodontist to have a professional cleaning.

Replacement Retainers Portland

Retainers are quick and easy to replace. Call our office for a quick and comfortable 3D digital scan of your teeth to get a brand-new set. Just be sure to be quick before your teeth start drifting! Here are some reasons why patients might need to replace their retainers:

New Retainers Treatment Portland

Using your model from when you completed treatment, we can craft a new retainer, often opting for a clear aligner type for discreet guidance in realigning your teeth. Initial tightness is common, but as your teeth adjust, comfort will follow.

To proactively address this issue and prevent further shifting, we recommend scheduling a visit with your orthodontist for the creation of a new retainer. This step ensures the ongoing success of your orthodontic treatment.

What Happens If My Teeth Shifted Too Much?

If a retainer alone cannot correct orthodontic relapse, we might require orthodontic treatment to get your teeth back into position. If you are dead set against going back to your brace face days, Invisalign may be just what you need. A series of clear aligners will gently guide your teeth back into alignment while still giving you the freedom you enjoyed after your Portland orthodontist removed your braces. Schedule an appointment with our doctors to explore your options!

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