Invisalign Costs Portland

“We never want finances to stand in the way of a beautiful, confident smile.”

How Much Does Portland Invisalign Treatment Cost?

The total investment required for your Portland Invisalign experience hinges on various considerations, including the complexity of your case and the anticipated duration of treatment. You might have started your orthodontic journey by searching “what is the cost of Invisalign in Portland?” and we’re here to help answer that question! Portland Invisalign is not necessarily more expensive than braces and can be much more affordable than you think. For the majority of our patients, the treatment cost translates to a remarkably manageable $150 to $200 per month. What’s more, we provide flexible, interest-free financing solutions, ensuring that you don’t need to delay any longer in embracing the numerous advantages of achieving a radiant and confident smile!


We’re here to make it work for you! We understand that every family has unique financial needs, and we’re excited to create a plan that fits your budget comfortably. At Hillsdale Orthodontics, we offer in-house flexible financing options that feature low down payments and interest-free plans to help you with your orthodontic investment. We also happily accept HSA and FSA payments and extend discounts for multi-family member treatments and upfront payments. Reach out to us to learn more about our various financing choices and special offers.


We gladly work with a wide range of dental insurance providers, and we’re here to assist you in navigating the complex landscape of insurance coverage. Since every insurance plan has its unique features, our aim is to ensure you make the most of the benefits that you and your family rightly deserve. Worry not, as we’ll take care of the legwork for you by conducting a comprehensive insurance benefits assessment on your behalf. Your peace of mind is our priority!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Invisalign?

Portland Invisalign is a system of clear aligner trays that gradually and safely push your teeth into the right position to realign your smile and achieve an ideal relationship between your jaws. There are slight differences between the ways traditional metal braces and Invisalign clear aligners work, but ultimately, the goals are the same. You’ll get a few additional advantages with Invisalign, though, and they’re well worth the cost.

How much does Invisalign® cost?

We cannot estimate your treatment cost without first reviewing your current status and the complexity of your Portland orthodontic conditions. Each patient has unique circumstances; furthermore, as your treatment goes on, you may suffer some orthodontic emergencies that require adjustments. Please set up an appointment with our team to receive a much better estimate of your treatment cost.

How does pricing for Invisalign work?

In general terms, Invisalign is more expensive than conventional metal braces. Likewise, some insurance providers may not offer as much coverage as with regular orthodontic appliances because of the additional cosmetic benefits. Make sure you get in touch with our team to learn more about accepting HSA and FSA, as well as with family discounts or pay-in-full price reductions.

What is the full cost of Invisalign?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with an estimate until you’ve come to your initial consultation with us. Don’t worry; if it’s your first time here at the office, you get a complimentary consultation, so finding out all that information is completely free. You should keep in mind, however, that Invisalign is generally more expensive than traditional metal braces.

How is Invisalign cost calculated?

The overall treatment cost for patients who choose Invisalign depends on many factors, such as their treatment complexity, estimated duration, and more. Still, this treatment option can still be affordable for most patients. And our monthly payment plans and financing options help more patients achieve their desired smiles the way they want to.

Is Invisalign expensive?

Portland Invisalign can be more expensive than conventional metal braces, but this is not always the case. Patients who choose us as their Invisalign Portland provider get a lot of help to bring down the overall treatment price as much as possible. There are several resources you can explore, so get in touch with our office.

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