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Best Portland orthodontist

“Our goal is to create a signature smile for you that will warm people’s heart and open doors to new opportunities.”

– Dr. Alix Leemin

Best Portland orthodontist

“Our goal is to create a signature smile for you that will warm people’s heart and open doors to new opportunities”

– Dr. Alix J Leemin

As a nutty overachiever, Dr. Alix Leemin never lost sight of her childhood dreams of becoming a smartypants orthodontist.

She spent her childhood years living in Portland and Seoul, splitting her time between the hustling city of Gangnam and the quaint charm of Beaverton and Tigard, where she built her tree forts and learned to skateboard. Later, during her college years, she even wandered off to live in Paris, where she developed a growing appetite for French cuisine and desserts while working as a student chef at the Ritz Escoffier culinary school. After all the exciting adventures, Dr. Leemin knew that her ultimate passion rested in crafting beautiful smiles, and she returned to the stateside to pursue her childhood dreams in orthodontics.

Dr. Leemin’s educational path has been nothing short of remarkable. She earned her Bachelor of Arts with Honors from Stanford University, followed by a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from the University of Pennsylvania, where she graduated #1 in her class. Her insatiable thirst for knowledge led her to complete an additional 2.5 years of training at OHSU to become an orthodontic specialist.

Since finishing her whopping 11 years of post-secondary education (or 23 years in school, for those counting!), Dr. Leemin has remained committed to learning. She actively participates in Invisalign seminars and continuing education courses. She proudly practices as a board-certified orthodontist, a distinction held only by one-third of orthodontists nationwide. With extensive experience in advanced orthodontic treatments, Dr. Leemin takes joy in helping patients of all ages with a wide variety of bite issues. If you’re on the hunt for the finest orthodontic care in your area, look no further than Dr. Leemin, your #1 choice for the Best Orthodontist Treatment Near Me.

She is passionate about transforming people’s lives – children, teenagers, and adults – by creating smiles that will warm people’s hearts and open doors to new opportunities.

When she’s not in the office, Dr. Leemin is likely busy whipping up delicious French meals, spending quality time with her husband and adorable munchkins, Ella and Noah, or shredding down the mountainside in her cozy Eeyore onesie. If you spot her on the slopes, be sure to say “hi!”

Board Certified Dr. Leemin
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