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At Hillsdale Orthodontics, we consider caring for your family’s smiles a privilege and it is one we take very seriously.

Portland Orthodontic care requires careful coordination and cooperation between patients and specialists. Thankfully, our specialists are experts at their craft and enjoy working on achieving the best possible versions of a patient’s smile.

Here, you’ll be able to ask all the questions you have about your treatment. Our Portland ortho team loves answering those questions, and it makes every patient understand their options.

Ask about the type of treatment plan we design for you, how long it will take, and the resources available to make this treatment affordable for our patients.

Dr. Leemin, Dr. Handick, and all the team wish to welcome you to our practice and hope to help you with all your Portland orthodontic needs!

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Meet Dr. Leemin

As a nutty overachiever, she never lost sight of her childhood dreams of becoming a smartypants orthodontist. She currently practices as a Board Certified orthodontist; an achievement shared only by one third of orthodontists nationwide. With broad experience in advanced orthodontic treatments, Dr. Leemin is well-suited to serve patients of all ages.

Meet Dr. Handick

Dr. Kimberly Handick began her orthodontic career in Hillsdale after graduating from Indiana University School of Dentistry with high honors and finishing her residency program in orthodontics with a master’s degree. She came to the PNW with her husband and one baby, but two decades and a set of triplets later, she somehow finds herself as the loving mother to four grown-up children and a golden doodle named Stella.

Dr. Handick
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Board Certified Dr. Leemin


At Hillsdale Orthodontics, we strive to offer a host of treatments to meet all of your orthodontic goals. From traditional braces and Invisalign to treatment for gummy smiles, we offer everything you need to achieve the smile of your dreams.

Braces Portland
Braces can improve your bite and the position of your teeth to create a more aesthetically pleasing smile and properly functioning bite. Traditional metal braces and ceramic braces are wonderful options to improve your smile.
Invisalign treatment Portland

Invisalign is the leading orthodontic treatment for discreet, comfortable tooth alignment for teens and adults. Unlike traditional metal braces, Invisalign uses clear, removable aligners that adjust tooth and bite alignment without wires or brackets.

Gummy Smile Treatment Portland

We offer gummy smile treatment to correct any excessive gingival display that negatively affects the overall appearance of your smile. After treatment, you won’t have to hesitate while smiling publicly anymore.

Non surgical Treatment Portland
We use methods such as braces and teeth slenderizing, braces with teeth removal, early treatment appliances, and other cosmetic methods for the treatment of underbites without the need for Maxillo-mandibular surgery.
TMJ Disorders Portland

Dr.Leemin diagnose TMJ disorder by taking the patient’s medical history into consideration and doing a physical exam to find the cause of the symptoms. Then, a proper treatment plan can be crafted to help patients find relief from TMJ pain.

Surgical Orthodontics Treatment Portland

We use surgical orthodontics only when necessary. Most of the time, surgical procedures are used to correct severe cases such as bad bites, jaw bone abnormalities, severe malocclusions, and more.

New Retainers in Portland
You don’t have to worry anymore if you have misplaced or lost your retainers. We can help you get the exact size and fit to replace them.
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Are you ready to start your specialized treatment with our specialists?

It sure is an exciting time, and you don’t have anything to fear.

If this is your first visit with us, you’ll be glad to know it’s completely free!

Expect our team to help you with an initial diagnostic, some X-rays, and a thorough conversation on what type of treatment would work best in your case.

Our conversation can last anywhere between 30 minutes and 1 hour, so come with all your questions. We’re here for you.

You can also discuss payment and the financing resources available to make your treatment as affordable as possible.

Once you start using your orthodontic appliance, you will notice your mouth feels a little different. You will feel some minor discomfort during the first few days, but the treatment will become second nature for you as time goes on.

What Sets Hillsdale Orthodontics Apart?

At Hillsdale Orthodontics, our goal is to create a signature smile for you that will warm people’s hearts and open doors to new opportunities. We utilize the latest innovations and technologies that only select orthodontists can offer, and we carefully evaluate each patient’s specific needs and smile goals to create highly personalized treatment plans.

Our specialists love working with each patient and face the ever-surprising curiosities from every case. You can trust us to work on the basis of your needs to achieve your goals. So come along, and we’ll get working on that well-aligned smile you’ve been wanting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Orthodontists are dental health specialists who focus on the proper alignment of dental structures, including your jaws and teeth. An orthodontist will make sure your smile is well-aligned by correcting jaw malocclusions and dental spacing problems too. Keep in mind that this work doesn’t aim only to make your smile look prettier, but rather, to also make it easier to maintain good oral health.

The most high-profile and easily-solvable orthodontic problem is dental crowding. Whenever patients have issues with their baby teeth, it’s easier for permanent teeth to have trouble erupting properly. As teeth erupt at the wrong angles, they come out of alignment and begin causing dental health problems.

You should definitely come prepared with all your questions. First and foremost, you should learn what your orthodontic condition is and what is the proposed treatment plan. Make sure you ask about available options, as not every patient can fix their problems only with braces. Likewise, you can ask us about treatment costs and length, so you’ll get a chance to talk with our team about any available resources to make your treatment as affordable as possible.

Yes, without a doubt. Even though adults don’t have the added advantage of growing bones, they can still start their orthodontic treatment. In fact, we often see how adults make for amazing patients because they are more compliant with our professional recommendations. If you’re an adult patient, you should get in touch with us. Orthodontics is still worth it when you’re an adult.

No. There’s no age limit for braces. As you grow up, you will need to be careful about some additional considerations that might make planning your treatment more complicated. However, it’s easy to have an orthodontist and a periodontist coordinate efforts to deliver the highest level of care possible. The idea is that you get the smile you wish for and avoid additional complications.

Yes. Orthodontists have extensive training that lets them plan for several eventualities. Some patients worry about missing teeth, but we can still install your braces over all the other teeth and think of any other resources that can help close the gaps left out by missing teeth.

No. As a matter of fact, orthodontic care is now more affordable than ever. Make sure you get in touch with our team to learn more about the available resources, payment plans, and insurance coverage that can help you make your treatment as affordable as possible.